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Total Computer Systems Have been serving the local Wellington & Telford community for quite some time now. The Sales department specialise in the sales of new and refurbished laptop and desktop PC systems and can be found in Wellington, Telford as well as at this link HERE for computer repair or on all the various social media platforms

The location has plenty of room for consultations so if you bring in your laptop or PC and want to go over the problem or additional issues your having you can sit down whilst out Technicians take a look.

Dont worry about parking either as there is a dedicated car park for customers in fact don’t worry at all we are here to take the headache out of your computer issues, should you have popups and viruses, Boot up problems or have had an accident resulting in a smashed screen or you have been unlucky enough to have liquid damage on your laptop.

The Repairs team have recently relocated to larger workshops and can deal with all your virus issues, dead computers, upgrades and all component level repairs for laptops and desktops.

The Windows repair team can be contacted through this Website and the Apple repair team can be contacted through their website here: Apple

Navigating the Web Designers out there can ve tough but we highly recommend you check out Dawley Web Design and have a look at their portfolio HERE they are very professional and cost effective too. Dawley Web Design offer 1 page websites for just £99 and 5 page fron £254

Computer Repair Links:

For more details on Laptop repairs and virus removal for Laptops and Windows machines click Here

For more details on Laptop repairs and all Apple repair work Click Here

For Call outs and mobile technicians contact Ace Computing on 01952 739332

All repairs can be carried out on site or at our fully equipped workshops in Wellington and remember forget our call out service covers the whole of Telford click on this link to see where our premises are based: Here


A customer said we were like a good mechanic – once you find one you never go elsewhere.

You can find us on all the social media sites (See the icons in the sidebar) and click them to go directly to our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages. Depending on your needs, depending on your choice of system from this page you can access highly qualified technicians with years of experience or Website designers with years of coding skills. Check out the testimonials to see a proven track record and exactly what others have to say.